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Tim’s Automation & Scripting Blog

G’Day. This Blog has been created to share useful automation scripts and tips, primarily using PowerShell. It includes other tools leveraging PowerShell such as PowerCLI from VMware and PowerTool Suite from Cisco.

I work daily with Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and cloud technologies, primarily Azure. These technologies will also feature here.

Azure Automated Test Environment is an Open Source project I created to allow everyone to experiment with Azure. It builds a Windows Server Core Domain Controller and a Windows Server GUI Certificate Authority in a Resource Group with networking and storage setup. AATE uses Azure Resource Manager, ARM templates, PowerShell, Azure Automation and Desired State Configuration to automatically build the environment.

This blog was created using GitHub Pages and Jekyll as it enables me to use my existing version control workflows. I use version control and GitHub daily so this was a natural fit for me. As part of setting this blog up, I’m learning about Jekyll and CSS which has been rewarding. Initial site setup was done using Jonathan McGlone’s guide. Thanks to Jonathan for the guide.

If you would like to leave comments, please use the built in GitHub Issues functionality. GitHub Issues can be created by browsing to the source code of this site. If you would like to comment on a specific page, please create an issue for that page.

If I have made a mistake or a type (see what I did there?), please feel free to make a GitHub Pull request. Happy for feedback.

If you would like to see some of my contributions to the community, please see the GitHub, TechNet and StackExchange links on the footer of each page.

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully some of the information on this site will be useful.