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Thank You

Thank you to the people and products below. Without their creativity and knowledge sharing, this blog would not have been created. A quote I often remind myself of is “Standing on the shoulders of giants”. This sums up my appreciation for the assistance provided from the people and products below. Thank you also to Karl for the extra hardware for testing and thank you to everyone else who has and is sharing this learning journey with me.

Twitter - People Twitter - Products & Groups Useful Resources & Training Material
Bill Gates Active Directory Tips Arrested DevOps
Tim Berners-Lee Arrested DevOps CBTNuggets
Jeffrey Snover Azure Weekly CBTNuggets - PowerShell Reference Training
Bruce Payette Chef CodeNewbie
Don Jones Food Fight Show
Nicole Forsgren Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog
Jocko Willink Full Stack Python Jocko Podcast
Adam Jacob Have I Been Pwned Microsoft Virtual Academy
Adam the Automator IT Revolution Press Pluralsight
Bridget Kromhout Linux PowerScripting Podcast
Dan Scott-Raynsford Microsoft PowerShell Deep Dives
Echo Charles Microsoft Australia PowerShell in Depth, Second Edition
Gene Kim Microsoft AU Tech
Hal Rottenberg Microsoft Azure
Iris Classon Microsoft Learning RunAsRadio
Jason Helmick MSFT Scripting Guys Smashing Security
Jeffery Hicks MVP ITPro Software Defined Talk
Jenny Hunter Pester Talk Python To Me
Jez Humble Pluralsight The HanselMinutes Podcast
John Allspaw Udemy
Jonathan Walz PowershellDSC Windows PowerShell in Action, Third Edition
Katie Keim Red Hat Ansible  
Lee Holmes Red Hat, Inc.  
Mark Minasi Software Defined Talk  
Mark Russinovich The PowerShell Team  
Matt Ray The Toyota Way  
Melissa Januszko Visual Sutdio Code  
Michael Ducy VMware Australia  
Ned Pyle Windows  
Patrick Debois Windows Admin Center  
Paul Cunningham Windows Australia  
Scott Hanselman    
Steven Murawski    
Trevor Hess    
Troy Hunt